Commit ee7defb6 authored by Benoit Barbot's avatar Benoit Barbot
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parent dc4f3613
......@@ -202,9 +202,9 @@ module GraphEditor (G: GRAPH ) = struct
Buffer.add_char buff (b64_of_ui node_type);
let f1,f2 = DrawingGeom.center_shapes (G.shapes_of_node graph node) in
buff_float buff f1;
buff_float buff f2(* ;
buff_float buff f2;
let attr = snd @@ G.get_node_attribute graph node in
List.iter (write_attribute buff) attr*)
List.iter (write_attribute buff) attr
G.iter_arc graph (fun arc ->
let n1,n2 = G.nodes_of_arc graph arc in
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