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......@@ -17,8 +17,17 @@ web: total
mv ../worker.byte ./
js_of_ocaml worker.byte
mkdir -p website
mv *.js website/
cp res/* website/
echo '<text x="150" y="20" fill="#fff">' >> website/commitid.svg
git describe --abbrev=6 --dirty --always --tags >> website/commitid.svg
echo '</text><text x="150" y="40" fill="#fff">' >> website/commitid.svg
date >> website/commitid.svg
echo '</text></g></svg>' >> website/commitid.svg
mv *.js website/
deploy: web
scp -r website/*
server: web
cd website; python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
......@@ -151,14 +151,15 @@ let _ = run @@ fun () ->
launch_compt true;
div ~class_:"main container-fluid"[
div ~class_:"jumbotron cmdline" [hi 1 "Wordgen";
div ~class_:"jumbotron cmdline" [hi 1 "Wordgen"; p [text "Time word generator. Read more on "; a ~href:"" [text "the source repository page."] ];
build_interface ~class_:"" ~stop:(fun () -> worker##postMessage (Worker_sync.Stop)) launch_compt spec_short;];
div ~class_:"" [div ~class_:"output" [ txin; container]];
br ();
alert; sigt;
(div ~class_:"output" [
stdoutput; (text " ");
outfile; gnuplotvis]);
stdoutput; (text " ");
outfile; gnuplotvis]);
img "commitid.svg"; br ();
a ~href:"" [img ""]
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