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absolute time for cosim

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......@@ -197,10 +197,10 @@ struct
let ct = monitor_state.total_time in
fprintf f
"%s{\"label\":\"%s\",\"min_time\": %g, \"max_time\":%g, \
\"time\":%g, \"target\":\"%s\"}"
\"time\":%g, \"relative_time\":%g, \"target\":\"%s\"}"
(if i > 0 then "," else "")
tr.ZoneGraph.action (low +. ct) (up +. ct) (time +. ct)
rgpoly.ZoneGraph.statelist.(get_loc st).ZoneGraph.transition
| Debug ->
fprintf outfile "@[<h 0>%a@. @[<v 2>@[<v 0>%a@]@]@]@."
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