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let () = Ocamlbuild_plugin.Options.use_ocamlfind := true
(*let () = Ocamlbuild_plugin.dispatch Ocamlbuild_js_of_ocaml.dispatcher*)
open Worker_sync
let computation outfile task =
let rg = ZoneGraphInput.input_from_string task.ta in
let module ZGI = ZoneGraphInput.Make (ZoneGraphInput.LinearBound) in
let rg = ZGI.input_from_string task.ta in
Js_of_ocaml.Worker.post_message ParseOK;
if not task.only_parse then (
let module R = (val if task.rational_impl then (module Fl.Num :Fl.FSIG) else (module Fl.Float:Fl.FSIG)) in
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ else (module ExpPoly.Make(P)(struct
let svar= P.var_of_int (P.nb_var-1)
end))) in
let module FunIt = Semantic.Make (Weight) in
let module FunIt = Semantic.Make (ZoneGraphInput.LinearBound) (Weight) in
let module M = MainLoop.Make(FunIt) in
let rgpoly =
......@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ else (module ExpPoly.Make(P)(struct
if task.print_rg then (
let buff = Buffer.create 100 in
let form = Format.formatter_of_buffer buff in
ZoneGraph.print_dot rgpoly form;
ZoneGraph.print_dot rgpoly ZoneGraphInput.LinearBound.print form;
Format.fprintf form "@.";
Format.printf "%a@." ZoneGraph.print rgpoly;
Format.printf "%a@." (ZoneGraph.print ZoneGraphInput.LinearBound.print) rgpoly;
Js_of_ocaml.Worker.post_message (Graph (String.escaped (Buffer.contents buff)))
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