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fix Makefile

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dune build
ln -s _build/default/src/wordgen.exe wordgen
ocamlbuild -I src -use-ocamlfind -plugin-tag 'package(bisect_ppx-ocamlbuild)' wordgen.native
mv wordgen.native wordgen
cp wordgen.native wordgen
BISECT_COVERAGE=YES ocamlbuild -I src -use-ocamlfind -plugin-tag 'package(bisect_ppx-ocamlbuild)' -package yojson wordgen.native test.t/poly_unitaire.native
......@@ -219,7 +219,12 @@ let print_to_prism f def stateit arcit =
guard g3 target;
List.iter (fun r -> Format.fprintf f "&(%s'=0)" r) reset;
Format.fprintf f ";\n");
Format.fprintf f "endmodule\n"
Format.fprintf f "endmodule\n";
Format.fprintf f "label \"accepting\" = false ";
stateit (fun id (_,_,_,isfin) _ -> if isfin then Format.fprintf f "| (state=%i)" id);
Format.fprintf f ";\n"
let print =
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